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Work With WDGU

Do your bit as an employer and give an employment opportunity to a young adult that wouldn't normally be given a chance. The person may come from a broken home or have a parent that is suffering from addiction and/or mental health issues and, as a result, not have the best role models.

This is where WDGU steps in and provides the role models to teach them respect and to value themselves and their careers.

You do not have to pay for any training, as all training and qualifications will be provided by specialist training organisations to provide the employees with the EXACT qualifications you require.

Click here to get in touch with David Hughes, who will then have a 15-minute discovery call to explain the benefits to your organisation and discuss your employment requirements.

Sponsor Weapons Down Gloves Up

Sponsor WDGU

WDGU is getting so much media coverage- local and national press, radio and television. You can be part of the coverage received, as we offer comprehensive packages that will give you a great ROI, as well as excellent networking opportunities both in the business and sporting worlds.

Exclusivity can be offered for your sector, so if you want to sponsor WDGU, contact Chris Nisbet here.

We don't just want sponsorship fees from our partners and sponsors. Offering services like marketing, mentoring, education, event management and free products can all be traded in return for extensive coverage across all WDGU marketing literature and events.

Volunteer and make a difference

WDGU is currently recruiting for a number of roles and requires people who can offer anything from a day a month to working full time.

Want to apply? Get in touch with James Battle here to find out more.

These are all voluntary roles and may fit in with the lifestyle of retirees, stay-at-home parents, people currently unemployed (this will help you get back into work, as it will look great on your CV!) and even people who are full-time employed, as you may be able to get your employer to allow you to work with WDGU in return for WDGU promoting your company.

Current roles that we are recruiting for include:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sponsorship sales
  • Legal
  • Gym coaches
  • Education trainers/teachers
  • Career advisors
  • Employment and education co-ordinators

Help fund the WDGU movement

Join funders like Speedo Mick and the Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership and help fund the WDGU movement.

If you want to get involved and find out how you can help fund WDGU, contact James Battle here.

As with sponsorship, it is not just about securing funding to help WDGU grow. Offering services like marketing, mentoring, education, event management and free products can all be traded in return for extensive coverage across all WDGU marketing literature and events.

Become an approved WDGU gym

The role that the gym coaches have with our students is one that is so important, as the gym coaches are often seen by the students as the person they look up to most. The coaches instil confidence, discipline and respect in the students. We call our coaches 'Role Models' as that's often what they are to the students.

Want to become an approved WDGU role model? Get in touch with James Battle hereto learn how you can benefit by becoming an approved WDGU gym and role model.

We offer many benefits to both the gums and the coaches. Becoming an approved WDGU gym will not only generate more paid members for you, but WDGU will also provide gym upgrades to your facilities as well as specialist courses to your coach/es.

As an approved coach, you will also be given the autonomy to state when you believe students attending your gym are ready for employment and WDGU will take your word that the student is ready for work, as you have monitored their attendance, timekeeping and have seen the improvement in their attitude and respect for others.

Schools, social care, prisons and probation services

If you have young adults that you would like to join the WDGU program, get in touch with David Hughes here to find out how WDGU can help you.

WDGU is happy to take on kids and young adults, male and female, from any ethnicity, whether they have a criminal record or not. From all ages from 16 upwards. We just have one criteria- each wants to change their lives for the better.

External education and training providers

Do you, or your company, offer training courses that lead to accreditations that will help young adults that are struggling to get into full-time employment?

If you like what WDGU offer and would like to offer your services to WDGU, then please get in touch with David Hughes here.

Ideally, we would like you to bring your own funding packages to enable you to offer your services for free. In exceptional circumstances, for approved companies that may not be able to secure funding at times, WDGU can support your applications for funding.

Being a WDGU-approved training provider will bring many benefits to your company.

The Board and Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors

We have some great Ambassadors already. Tony Bellew is the face of boxing and Molly McCann represents the UFC world.

Watch here our ambassadors talking about why they love being part of WDGU.

Become an ambassador

WDGU wants to spread the message as much as possible. We want as many people to get involved, whether as a volunteer, an employer or as a sponsor.

If you wold simply like to help us get the message out there, you are active on social media with a decent number of followers, then get in touch here with David Hughes and he will provide you with more details on how you can help spread the word about WDGU.


We are building a top class Board and would love to hear from top professionals who wants to join our Board. Want to find out more? Contact Chris Nisbet here.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people with the following backgrounds:

  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Events management
  • Education and training
  • Apprenticeships
  • Sponsorship
  • Top athletes, past or present
  • Careers advisors

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